How to Avoid Spambots

How to Avoid Being Harvested by Spambots

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No set of techniques will completely protect an address posted on the Internet from a resourceful spammer. Even with these techniques in place, you should still consider only posting alternative addresses that may be compromised. Whenever possible, keep your primary address off publically accessible websites entirely.

If there are any techniques we have missed here, please contact us so we can continue to provide the best and most accurate information. We have found these tips and techniques useful for keeping the addresses we had to post on the web from being harvested and how you do too.

If you'd like more information on this topic, you may be interested in the eBook, "Spam-Proof Your E-Mail Address," authored by Brian Livingston. It covers these techniques of hiding your email address from harvesters in more detail. It may be purchased online here.

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