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HTTP Blacklist

The HTTP Blacklist, or "http:BL", is a system that allows website administrators to take advantage of the data generated by Project Honey Pot in order to keep suspicious and malicious web robots off their sites. Project Honey Pot tracks harvesters, comment spammers, and other suspicious visitors to websites. Http:BL makes this data available to any member of Project Honey Pot in an easy and efficient way.

Http:BL provides data back about the IP addresses of visitors to your website. Data is exchanged over the DNS system. You may query your local DNS server and receive a response back that indicates the type of visitor to your site, how threatening that visitor is, and how long it has been since the visitor has last been seen within the Project Honey Pot trap network.

Several software authors have written implementations for a variety of web platforms. If you would like to integrate with http:BL, check out the http:BL API document.

Monitor Your IP Space

Spam happens, even for good IP addresses. We make it clear throughout the Project Honey Pot site that just because an IP address appears here does not mean its owner is a spammer. Addresses are hijacked, hosting companies are duped, or an exploit of some kind can turn your trusted machine into a zombie.

Project Honey Pot's IP Monitor service enables you to continuously watch the IP space you control for any malicious behavior. The basic service allows you to setup a range of up to 256 IPs, a /24, or an AS Number. You may also monitor up to 5 individual IPs not included in any of those ranges. We will create a Monitor page on our website which will inform you of IP addresses in your monitored range that are observed to be engaged in some form of malicious behavior: spamming, harvesting, comment spamming, or otherwise acting naughty.

The basic service is free to any active member of Project Honey Pot. You can upgrade to the Advanced Monitoring Service if you need to monitor a wider range of IPs. If you don't already have an account, simply create one to begin monitoring your IP space.

Spam Feeds

Project Honey Pot offers its spam feed in realtime for anti-spam filter developers and companies assessing the reputation of IP addresses. The spam feed is extremely high quality with a very low rate of false positives. All message data, including envelope data, is preserved.

We limit access to the feed and carefully vet those companies who are provided access in order to preserve the quality of our spamtrap addresses. If you are interested in our spam data, please contact us and we can discuss whether you meet our criteria.

In limited cases, Project Honey Pot makes either the realtime spam feed or archived data available to researchers. If you are working on a research project and interested in using our data, please send us your proposal and we will consider it.

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