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How to Avoid Being Harvested by Spambots

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Passing You Over

Your website is your property and, as a result, you are allowed to restrict by contract who is allowed to visit it. For example, it may be possible to limit access by "non-human visitors," including spambots that harvest your email addresses. If you already have terms of use that apply to your website, consider adding language such as that suggested in our Model Terms of Use. In the alternative, you may link to these terms stored here:

You should consider including a no-email-collection metatag at the top of each of the pages of your site. The metatag, which should be included in the <head> area of each page on your site, should be formatted as follows:

<meta name="no-email-collection" content="[link to your terms]" />
Replace the [link to your terms] with a link to your terms of use page.
Alternatively you may include the link to

In addition to installing a no-email-collection metatag and modifying the terms of use that apply to your website, you should consider participating in Project Honey Pot and including honey pot addresses on your site. We believe that, over time, spambots will attempt to avoid these pages and the sites that host them.

Finally, the following box appears at the bottom of the pages through which we display honey pot addresses. Over time, we think it is likely that spambots will begin avoiding pages displaying the following logo:

Spam Harvester Protection Network
provided by Unspam

You may include the logo on your website even if you do not install Project Honey Pot addresses on your website. To do so, copy the HTML from the box below and paste it to your site.

It is important for the HTML to be exactly as it appears in the box below in order for it to be recognized and avoided by spambots. You can place the logo anywhere on your site, although it is only necessary on pages containing email addresses that may be harvested by spambots.

do not follow this link

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