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 How to make QuickLinks Sweeter?
Author: A.E4   (1 Apr 09 7:23pm)
I get a lot of spam on my site so I thought this was a good idea. But how can I get spammers and harvesters to ONLY click on the QuickLinks instead of either ignoring them and posting spam or ignoring them and following valid links to other people sites and spamming them?

How do I make QuickLinks sweeter for spammer and harvesters so they only go to them and leave other links alone?

I heard someone once on somewhere (forget what site) before I joined here say that this can be done by making a page just for them that is not linked anywhere and have the robots.txt say not to go into it as only bad bots will disobey that and go there.

Is that true?
 Re: How to make QuickLinks Sweeter?
Author: J.Brody   (2 Apr 09 9:24am)
It's true that 'bad' bots can ignore the robots.txt file - but not all of them do....
 Re: How to make QuickLinks Sweeter?
Author: A.E4   (5 Apr 09 4:25am)
Yes the QuickLinks work! :)

Traffic from your QuickLinks: 2 visit(s)

Woohoo! Now I feel like I am fighting back! :D
 Re: How to make QuickLinks Sweeter?
Author: A.E4   (27 Apr 09 1:43am)
It turned out I was blocking good bots too so I had to adjust the robots.txt. Also I noticed that only 2 search bots checked out the links and no spam bots yet were caught .. How long does it normally take?

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