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 apache mod rewrite
Author: H.User2052   (1 Mar 12 12:06pm)
I wanted to use Apache's mod_rewrite so that I could have differently named links point to the same honeypot.php script - to keep things stealthy and so that the honeypot link would better coincide with the other email links on the page it was placed.

However, when I attempted this, the honeypot would fail do to incorrect file name checks - sorry, don't remember which three but if I remember right REQUEST_FILENAME was one and then two others..

I tried changing the response headers to match, but that didn't work. You can't edit the honeypot.php script because it then fails file size check. Is there any way we can get around the file name / size checks to get this to work??

What I would like, is to have the honeypot.php script to be named exactly that, then use mod_rewrite to have my custom links point to that script. Example:

additional-contacts.html --> honeypot.php
more-details.html --> honeypot.php

Thank You
 Re: apache mod rewrite
Author: P.Hempshall   (6 Dec 12 8:18pm)
I realize this is a dated post but if your still curious or others are looking for this information then here is what I am using in my server conf.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/(admin|admin/)$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /cgi-bin/admin.cgi [PT]

This way requests to are passed through to but keeps the URL address bar looking like

I also robots.txt disallow /admin directory.


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