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 ColdFusion MX 7 - Error on Honeypot *.cfm
Author: B.Campbell   (15 Dec 07 7:23pm)
Am trying to install on a CF MX 7 server, but the honeypot script errors out stating:

Element DIRECTIVES is undefined in RETURNVARS.

Looking at the CF code, I attempted a quick fix adding directives to the bottom of the parameter declarations for RETURNVARS.

Unfortunately this resulted in another error about a list array in one of the CFIF checkDirective calls.

Has anyone succeeded in getting a honeypot going on an MX 7 server using the MX 5 script supplied?

If so, please share the tweaks necessary.

 re: ColdFusion MX 7 - Error on Honeypot *.cfm
Author: J.Huysmans   (15 May 08 3:31am)
I'm having the same issue (and so does anyone who uses CF) . I'd love to fix this but I'm *not* very eager to have my ip address listed with ProjectHoneypot because of executing the honeypot while testing... :-)

Has anybody ever fixed this issue ??????
 Re: ColdFusion MX 7 - Error on Honeypot *.cfm
Author: J.Huysmans   (15 May 08 3:59am)
The list 'Directives' is never set as an entry of the returnsvars structure. It is likely that the PHP script running on the projectHoneypot server was changed later and no longer returns the same values..
 Re: ColdFusion MX 7 - Error on Honeypot *.cfm
Author: J.Huysmans   (15 May 08 4:48am)
Ok, I was wrong. Directives *is* returned by projectHoneypot.

The error generated is caused by a connection failure to the honeypot server and thus not *always* happens. Therefore, when an error like B.Campell decribed occurs it is nothing to worry about.

Admitted, the cf script should catch such an error (since it happens quite a lot) and it is easy to implement, but I assume it would cause problems with the hashcode it generates, rendering you honeypot useless. In other words, you can't modify the honeypot cfm file yourself.

The code that needs to be added is

<cfif StructKeyExists(returnVars,"connection failure")>

it should be inserted at line 151 (after the loop that populates the returnVars structure).

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