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Installing Honey Pots

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Author: T.Jones2   (7 Apr 07 5:22pm)
I cant get the honeypot script to work. It just displays the error message "Unable to contact the Server. Are outbound connections disabled? (If a proxy is required for outbound traffic, you may configure the honey pot to use a proxy. For instructions, visit" . The URL for the script is and my web host is
 Re: Help!!!!!!
Author: T.Jones2   (7 Apr 07 5:53pm)
I deleted then reinstalled the script , it still doesn't work but the new url is
 Re: Help!!!!!!
Author: M.Prince   (8 Apr 07 11:33pm)
In order for honey pots to work they must be able to contact our servers to receive new honey pot addresses. If they cannot, they will not work and will not activate. It appears that, for one reasons or another, your honey pot cannot make a connection.

This could be caused by any number of things. It could be that your hosting provider firewalls out-bound connections. It could be that your server's particular setting prevent such connections. In any case, if your honey pot can't connect to our servers then there's no way to activate it.

To test whether outbound connections are not allowed on your server, try running something like Lynx from the command line and seeing if you can connect to My guess is that you won't be able to get through.
 Re: Help!!!!!!
Author: T.Jones2   (10 Apr 07 10:51am)
I checked ,my webhost does not allow outbound connections. I heard that you are going to create a system that allows people to share honey pots , when will that be ready?
 Re: Help!!!!!!
Author: M.Prince   (10 Apr 07 3:08pm)
Very soon. I suggest you check back early next week.

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