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 wordpress log-in attack over 200 ips in 1 day
Author: O.Dilts   (16 Jul 12 10:17pm)
My wordpress site is currently under attack through my log-in page. Currently, I have a security plugin that locks out users if too many log-in attempts and keeps track of ip addresses. Today, I had approximately 220 different ip addresses try to log-in to my site. I cannot find any information on this type of hack. Would anyone know how this could happen or have suggestions on how I can combat it?

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 Re: wordpress log-in attack over 200 ips in 1 day
Author: H.User1325   (17 Jul 12 10:21am)
You say "try to log-in" so that is good. If they are failing that tell me that your security is working.

From other security/spam forums I read, I understand that for the last 2 weeks or so there has been a major up-tick in the activity of the world wide bot nets. This include sending spam, some with a virus load some just junk, and comment spammers. The two phpBB forums have had several failed logins, NOT 200! They must "like" you today.

The good news is if they are not getting in, they will go away. Sounds like your your current controls are working. Make it harder and "real" people won't bother to finish the login process.

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