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 IP got blacklisted after visiting a site with honeypot
Author: V.Vibar   (28 Oct 17 8:11am)
So on October 20th at approximately 8AM, my IP was whitelisted after about 2700 hours of waiting. I was enjoying accessing sites without that 'Attention Required' thingy that kept bugging me until on October 26th, at 5:50 PM, I accessed a site that failed to load. I reloaded it and voila, 'Attention Required' appeared yet again.

I checked the Project Honeypot website and it told me that my IP was removed from whitelists at the same exact time, just for visiting that site. Now I have to wait even longer to get whitelisted thanks to this. In that 2700 time span I mentioned previously, I made sure my PC had no viruses or any other thing that can affect my network. Looks like my efforts were wasted or maybe it is just my ISP?

I am asking for any advice on this matter
 Re: IP got blacklisted after visiting a site with honeypot
Author: I.Schneebaum   (29 Mar 18 10:47pm)
How do I whitelist my IP?

 Re: IP got blacklisted after visiting a site with honeypot
Author: M.Le5   (28 May 18 4:33pm)
Same. Someone please help

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