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The Project Honey Pot MT Plugin allows you to easily install a honey pot on your Movable Type-based website or blog and add correctly formatted links to your existing pages through a friendly user interface.

The current version of the Project Honey Pot MT Plugin is v0.1.3. The plugin should be generally compatible with Movable Type v2.6+, although some features are only accessible through v3.0+. While we have tested the plugin under several different conditions, it is still very much in development. Please let us know if you find any bugs.


The Project Honey Pot MT Plugin is published under the GNU Public License (GPL). You are welcome to modify and redistribute this software in accordance with that license, but we ask that you share any improvements with us. By downloading and installing the script you affirm that you have read and agree to the Service Terms and the Software License.

Are you willing to act as a mirror for the distribution of the Project Honey Pot MT Plugin? That'd be great! Contact us and we'll send you the latest install package and keep you apprised of new versions.

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