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 Trends and statistics
Author: T.Brolin   (7 Feb 05 4:39pm)
I'am aware that you don't intend to put up statistics until enough raw data has been gathered, but a few graphical trends on the successfulness of the deployment would be very useful especially during this intial phase.
For example, it would be very interesting to see a bar graph diagram indicating how many spam E-mails you receive each day. A steadily growing trend would indicate that the honeypot deployment is having the desired effect and honeypot adresses actually make it into the spammers E-mail lists as they should.
Decreased acceleration of the trend, or even a static number of spams per day could indicate that some spammers have found a way to identify honeypots, and some action must be taken to fix that.
A second diagram of interest would be to see how the number of installed honeypots increase.

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