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 Geolocation is wrong
Author: Chris W   (21 Apr 19 7:40pm)
My ISP provides static IPs in various ranges including the block. Project Honeypot appears to still consider them as Swiss IPs, whereas I understand they used to be controlled by a (spammy) Swiss web host but the whole block is now managed by Hyperoptic and has been since around June 2018.

If Project Honeypot uses data from Maxmind's GeoLite v1 database (which did previously list this IP range as Swiss), it's in everyone's interest for PHP to move to the GeoLite V2 product. The V1 database is so out of date it's even been discontinued by Maxmind.

If geolocation data is sourced elsewhere, this should be done again in its entirety as the data held for my ISP and probably various others would seem to be out of date.

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