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 Honey Pot on PHP v7.2
Author: D.Arrowsmith2   (28 Mar 18 12:28pm)
PHP v7.2 has deprecated the each() function which Honey Pots use at two places. Please see below for what I think is comptible replacement code. I've commented out the offending lines so you can find them - they are around #290. I tried to replace my current pots but of course they didn't work due to your checks.

if (isset($_POST) && count($_POST) > 0) {
$postvars["has_post"] = count($_POST);
//for (reset($_POST);list($k,$v) = each($_POST);) {
foreach ($_POST as $k => $v) {
$postvars["post|".$k] = $v;
if (isset($_GET) && count($_GET) > 0) {
$postvars["has_get"] = count($_GET);
//for (reset($_GET);list($k,$v) = each($_GET);) {
foreach ($_GET as $k => $v) {
$postvars["get|".$k] = $v;
 Re: Honey Pot on PHP v7.2
Author: D.Howe   (20 Jul 18 6:32am)
came to report same problem. Modsecurity is complaining because of the deprecation warning appearing in the response header
 Re: Honey Pot on PHP v7.2
Author: R.Wendrock2   (5 Mar 19 11:32am)
I came to report same problem there are five places where each() is used. Do you have a new version of that code?

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