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 Unable to save captcha-image.
Author: T.Jarvis   (19 Dec 16 9:30am)
For 2 days now it has been impossible to enter data.
Every time I try there is a "•Please transcribe the verification code below." message at the top,
but there is never a verification code to enter.
And where the verification code usually is, it says "Unable to save captcha-image".
When will it be working again?
 Re: Unable to save captcha-image.
Author: H.User1325   (19 Dec 16 3:33pm)
I have noticed that for whatever reason, the web site has been running real slow the last couple of days. Could be causing your problem too.
 Re: Unable to save captcha-image.
Author: B.Xavier2   (20 Dec 16 8:23am)
I am currently blacklisted for some unknown reason, and as I tried to send my request to get white listed it says "unable to save captcha-image". What do I do?
 Re: Unable to save captcha-image.
Author: H.User1325   (20 Dec 16 11:19am)
On the dashboard, top left, enter and look up your IP address. At the bottom of the next page enter your request, with some explanation. Be sure to look at any information shown as to why the IP got listed (and what you have done to correct the problem.

Is your outgoing email on a shared address? If so talk with your ISP.

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