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 Dashboard statistic not updating
Author: E.Rohne   (24 Feb 16 12:44pm)
Why is my dashbord statistic not updating? It shows allways processing, check back in few minutes, but it never updates.
 Re: Dashboard statistic not updating
Author: F.Prigent   (2 Mar 16 10:02pm)
Same problem. my dashboard statistics haven't be updated, at least, 3 month ago.... My honeypot seems OK, status show "active", but no update... 10 retrieval by hour in my logs...

 Re: Dashboard statistic not updating
Author: H.User1325   (3 Mar 16 8:33am)
Don't know what to tell you. my dashboard says:

Last update: 2016-03-02

Not sure the database was intended to be real time.

Post Edited (3 Mar 16 8:34am)
 Re: Dashboard statistic not updating
Author: F.Prigent   (4 Mar 16 1:03pm)
Last update :

Harvester visits to your site(s): 41
Recent visits (this month): 0
Spam traps issued on your sites: 1,640
Spam received at your addresses: 1
Received this week: 0
Received this month: 0
Comment spam posts to your site(s): 333
Traffic from your QuickLinks: 1,420 visit(s)
Sites you've protected: 1
MX entries you've donated: 1
Users you've referred: 0
IPs You've Commented On: 1
IPs You're Monitoring: 256
Last update: 2016-03-03

but spam traps issued and traffic from quicklinks stay exactly the same for 2-3 month now...
 Re: Dashboard statistic not updating
Author: M.K33   (19 Oct 16 4:12pm)
Hi! I got quicklinks set on my site but dashboard doesnt update.

Your Dashboard Statistics Collector is processing. Check back in a few minutes for updated statistics.

How often does it update? I set my account yesterday.
 Re: Dashboard statistic not updating
Author: J.Marais3   (19 Oct 16 11:10pm)
I just registered yesturday.

I'm trying to get the Dns Key. So I'm waiting for my Dashboard to update. It still hasn't. Any help would be great.

Love the concept here, btw. The community fighting back. Just great. Thanks.
 Re: Dashboard statistic not updating
Author: H.User1325   (20 Oct 16 11:53am)
Not sure how often updated happen, but mine updated today (Oct 20)

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