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 Http:BL problem
Author: P.Ienso   (7 Jul 14 4:20am)
This doesn't work for me:

APIKEY is of course my own key.
It returns same url whan calling gethostbyname()

This IP should have been blocked.
But wasn't and I got some spam posts on forum.
 Re: Http:BL problem
Author: H.User1325   (7 Jul 14 8:23am)
interesting. for me also returns different results from the dashboard IP lookup and http:BL I have never notices an example of that before. Good catch

 Re: Http:BL problem
Author: P.Ienso   (3 Aug 14 1:44pm)
Next example:

Are you working with this?
 Re: Http:BL problem
Author: H.User1325   (4 Aug 14 8:13am)
Not really. I'm just another user.

You might try contact us to get an official response.
 Re: Http:BL problem
Author: G.Rosenberg   (11 Dec 15 6:16am)
Help!!! H.P. has my site blocked and I'm out of business at the most important selling time of year!! I can't get their attention on this after numerous emails. This is costing me my income. We do NOT send spam!!! I don't know what to do??? Should I get a lawyer and sue for lost income?? My host sees no problem nor did site-lock.

ANY help would be much appreciated..
 Re: Http:BL problem
Author: H.User1325   (11 Dec 15 9:41am)
Not sure that yelling and invoking a fake lawyer will do any good.

No one can help you understand the cause of your problem without you providing an IP address. Does your email come from a mail server dedicated to your email alone or is it shared with others provided service by your ISP? If it is shared, your problem could be that others using the same mail server are spamming. Have you checked with your ISP?

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