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Author: C.Brand3   (15 Oct 15 12:12am)
More and more attacks are done via IPv6 which I can not lookup or monitor here in Project honeypot.
Is it possible to include this as soon as possible?
 Re: IPv6
Author: E.Langheinrich   (16 Oct 15 9:50am)
It's in the works.
 Re: IPv6 (and DNSSEC)
Author: sgucukoglu   (14 May 17 4:01pm)
Well, it's two years on. I can't operate a domain without IPv6, so I removed the script. Maybe, for now at least, support redirection to an IPv4 literal for IPv6 clients? Or adding of IPv4 literals to the system directly, in place of domain names?

To add insult to injury, my assigned quicklink ( ) fails DNSSEC validation and I can't get another because your system doesn't do it either ... so all I can do is donate an MX. I shouldn't mind doing more, really, but both must work.
 Re: IPv6
Author: J.Panter   (20 Feb 19 6:50pm)
So... how deep do "the works" run? Any update on this?
 Re: IPv6
Author: X.Robin   (3 Mar 19 3:10am)
It took me a while to understand why I was getting a validation error. While the work is ongoing, it would be very helpful to display a clearer error message.
 Re: IPv6
Author: _domjh   (2 May 19 7:42pm)
Any update on IPv6 support? Getting validation issues all the time because of this...

Seems really important to keep this project up to date and being used!

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