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 Quicklink is not working - Test is timeout
Author: H.User185   (22 Jan 15 10:18am)

This link is not working - the test got a time out - what shall i do ?
 Re: Quicklink is not working - Test is timeout
Author: H.User1325   (22 Jan 15 11:46am)
Are you testing using ?

Did you read the instructions?

If you do not see the "Congratulations" message, then your QuickLink is not functioning properly and you may request a new QuickLink. To do so click on the "Test" link found in the gray box above. Our system will then test the QuickLink and confirm if it is misbehaving. The system will then provide you with a "Replace" option for your QuickLink in the gray box above.

Just a thought, publicly posting the URI of a Honey Pot/Quicklink sure will make it less useful as anyone with nefarious purposes would surly avoid that link.
 Re: Quicklink is not working - Test is timeout
Author: H.User185   (29 Jan 15 12:50pm)
if i click on Test - there is an TIMEOUT !

Sorry - i posted this months ago - and again and again - nothing happens

If i click on "TEST" there is an Timeout !

There is no missunderstanding.

Himmelherrgotkruzit├╝rken :-/

Bin ich nur von Analphabeten umgeben - meine Fresse ist das so schwer :-/
 Re: Quicklink is not working - Test is timeout
Author: H.User1325   (29 Jan 15 7:30pm)
Did not mean to imply you could not follow instructions. It amazes me how many can not even in one language.

when I try to go to your quick link, I too get an error, ~ server not found ~ Even the domain can not be found. Whois indicates the domain is good until 03/15

I would suggest using the About -> Contact-us
 Re: Quicklink is not working - Test is timeout
Author: H.User185   (30 Jan 15 8:46am)
Hi H.User1325,

i wrote a mail to the projecthoneypot contact - some months ago - but i will try and follow your advice.

I will try it :-)

do not follow this link

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