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 Warning: Missing argument 1
Author: J.Maes   (11 Dec 14 8:09am)
I use SMF for years and am very happy with it.
On my site index page I placed some extra content, but when a user isn't logged in the get an error:

Warning: Missing argument 1 for httpBL_look_for_empty_ip(), called in /home/deb18051/domains/ on line 680 and defined in /home/deb18051/domains/ on line 517

Notice: Undefined variable: ip in /home/deb18051/domains/ on line 519

I made use of:
<?php require("smf/SSI.php"); ?>
for the extra content on my index (not forum index) page
such as:
<?php ssi_welcome(); ?>
<?php ssi_recentTopics(); ?>

When the user is logged in, everything is perfect, otherwise the error like above.

On the SMF community they point to your mod:

Can someone please help me out?


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