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 New idea to get more IPs
Author: R.Donovan   (9 Nov 14 12:42am)

I run a few sites, 3 of them use WordPress.

I notice that quite a few IPs I get visits from arnt marked as Spam or anything in the HP Database, I guess because they havent triggered the HP.

I can tell they are spam bots, as all they do is hit wp-comments-post.php again and again, and my Spam plugin Akismet flags them and removes the posted spam comments.

I think it would be a good idea to put in some kind of code/trigger into WP/Akismet that would add any spam IPs that get rejected into the HP DB?

Is there some kind of API that I can send IP's to for HP (when I see that Akismet rejects them), as spam, or could this be added as a 'feature'?

Then we would have those IPs flagged also.


 Re: New idea to get more IPs
Author: H.User1325   (9 Nov 14 8:34am)
That would of course create a data base different than the current HP DB.

Currently the HP DB contains IP addresses that collect email addresses from a HP, or send email/spam to an email address collected from a HP. Adding other spammers to the DB would make it more like the data base maintained by say, SpamCop. Another example is Their data base contains only spammers that leave comments on a forum.

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