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 IP Incorrectly Attributed to my ASN
Author: J.Laws2   (21 Feb 14 5:46am)
I have received for the past week or so notice that the following IPs are doing some nasty things and are on my ASN. After checking into it further, this is not one of our IPs and is not announced through our ASN in any way. How do I have this checked/updated so I stop receiving the mail notices?

Report Date Range: 02/19/2014 - 02/21/2014
IPs Monitored: 201,728
Malicious IPs : 3
- Harvesting IPs: 0
- Email Spamming IPs: 2
- Dictionary Attacks IPs: 1
- Comment Spamming IPs: 0
Other Potentially Suspicious IPs : 0

IPs Engaged In Harvesting On Your Network:


IPs Engaged In Email Spamming On Your Network:

IPs Engaged In Dictionary Attacks On Your Network:

IPs Engaged In Comment Spamming On Your Network:


Other Potentially Suspicious IPs On Your Network:


ASN is AS27589


Joseph Laws

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