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 CF / Railo struct bug
Author: J.Phillips13   (2 Jan 14 9:29am)
I got this error the other day when a harvester came by:


key [DIRECTIVES] doesn't exist in struct (keys: , ,
502 Bad Gateway

,injLegalHTMLMsg, ,injRobotHTMLMsg,injStyleHTMLMsg,injEmailHTMLMsg, ,injVanityHTMLMsg,injHead2HTMLMsg)

The error occurred on line 209 in file

Has anyone experienced this error?
 Re: CF / Railo struct bug
Author: M.Sameli   (20 Feb 14 12:42am)
Yes, we see this error since years. But it occurs very rarly. No ideas so far from my side, because I didn't find a way to debug the script without modifying it.
Someone else?
 Re: CF / Railo struct bug
Author: M.Sameli   (26 Feb 14 12:40am)
What i've discovered so far: the error occurs, when website of projecthoneypot is under maintenance. API may still be working, but the website is down, like it has been this week.

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