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 non-spammers getting redirected to honeypot page
Author: M.Rada   (14 Apr 13 10:56am)
Hi I had put a link to a honeypot and two people who are definitely not spammers have been redirected to the HP page when trying to access my website.

I've deleted the honeypot link but one is still getting redirected. These are the two people who have been kind enough to email me directly to let me know about this problem. I don't know how many other people are getting redirected.

Can anyone help me with info/direction on how to address this problem? Dunno what to do at this point... Thank you!
 Re: non-spammers getting redirected to honeypot page
Author: H.User1325   (14 Apr 13 11:39am)
Still having trouble? Sorry. This problem sounds like the link to your honeypot has not been installed correctly, or has gotten changed.

Is this a new honeypot link? Has the HP been installed for some time and the problem new? Or did the problem start at the same time as you added a new link? Or made another change to your html code?

The visitor that is still getting redirected after you deleted the link, probably needs to delete their browser cache.

Without being able to see your website, that is about the only suggestions I can make. If you want to post your URL I would be glad to talk a look. (Anything is better than doing my taxes </joke>)

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