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 PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/.../../honeypot.php on line 328
Author: A.Anonymous6   (9 Feb 13 3:37am)

I am getting this notice in my error log ( running nginx ) can any tell what it means?

2013/02/09 08:53:38 [error] 15051#0: *64596 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/.../../honeypot.php on line 328

 Re: PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/.../../honeypot.php on line 328
Author: H.User1325   (12 Feb 13 11:25am)
I try not to comment on things I don't know anything about, but ...

Looks to me like there is a PHP programming error in an application named honeypot.php

In case you don't know "PHP Notice:" in your error log is not Project Honey Pot but PHP a server-side scripting Hypertext language.

(here is where the "know nothing about" come in)

I am guessing that you are running a program, forum, blog, what ever, that has implemented a call to http:BL to block spammers from adding comment spam to you forum. It looks, to me, like that has been implemented with a php script file named honeypot.php

Further out on the same limb ~ If I were looking for the error "Undefined offset: 1" looks like an error I have seen when a array is accessed incorrectly. Anyway that is what I would look for around line 328 of that program file.

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