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 Honey Pot creating Blank links in my feature header :-(
Author: G.Life   (5 Feb 13 3:21pm)
Peace all,

Honey Pot is creating links in my feature header rotator, so I disabled it. Its an eyesore and quite confusing to my site's functionality. My site is Any suggestions?
 Re: Honey Pot creating Blank links in my feature header :-(
Author: H.User1325   (12 Feb 13 11:55am)
With almost no information it is hard to make suggestions.

For starters, Honey Pot is NOT creating links in your feature header rotator.

I'm guessing that in connection with your "Contact us" page someone implemented a HoneyPot package to block comment spammers. Many of those packages also randomly add links to your Honey Pot or a QuickLink. That may not have been implemented correctly, sense any link to a HP should not be visible to the normal user.

Check with who maintains you website or who developed the Honey Pot implementation.

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