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 whitelisting: graphical captcha vs. text browsers on servers
Author: H.User2373   (26 Jul 12 2:58am)

I see the intent behind the requirement of whitelisting to come from the IP in question, but think of a mail relay of an ISP.

You require a web browser client to be used on a mail server. Okay, lynx and links and a few others could be installed (not nice though), but as it turns out the whitelist form uses a graphical CAPTCHA. I'm sure it's obvious I would not like to pull up a whole environment for a graphical browser, even the simplest one requires almost a hundred libs dependency, not to mention there are servers around with are simply unable to run such a browser because there is neither X forwarding nor remote graphical terminal present.

Wouldn't it be possible to request an authorisation token from ANY IP (using a workstation anywhere) for a given IP and then connect to a specific URL containing the token from the given IP? This could be done even with curl or wget and would not require web clients on a server.

Right now I have to skip the whitelisting as I cannot save, move the captcha image fast enough through a chain of ssh consoles. :-(

 Re: whitelisting: graphical captcha vs. text browsers on servers
Author: E.Langheinrich   (30 Jul 12 8:59am)

If you use the contact us and include the IP address someone will white list the IP for you.



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