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 Dashboard doesn't update anymore?
Author: H.User7152   (22 May 11 8:33am)
Since the week-long maintenance downtime some 3 weeks ago, my dashboard somehow doesn't update anymore. It just tells me that it's collecting and that I should return in a couple of minutes, and even after refreshing the page manually (with cache cleared) after a couple of minutes it keeps saying that it'd be collecting and I should return later. It's been showing that for 2 weeks already. The page automatically refreshes every 30 seconds or so, but neither is my count of commented IPs increased, nor the number of bots that went to the quicklink trap I set (it's stuck at 33). It's only ever showing the same message of wait-while-updating. I've already sent an e-mail to Support about this, and things worked again briefly, but now it's hanging again.

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 Re: Dashboard doesn't update anymore?
Author: R.Linton2   (26 May 11 7:00am)
I agree, went through a lot of trouble to set up the honey pots in the hope that it would save me and others problems by having an effective block list.

But with the dashboard the way it is....there is no way to know if the setup is working.

My pots are getting called by comment spammers with a "put" about 5 times a day...and I have commented on all IPs that show up clean in the DB.

But there does not seem to be any record of this.

 Re: Dashboard doesn't update anymore?
Author: H.User7152   (17 Feb 12 10:47am)
It's doing the thing described above again. The front page tells me the last time it updated was on February 6, 2012, i.e. about 2 weeks ago, and only reloads and reloads and reloads like every 10 seconds when I have the page open.

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 Re: Dashboard doesn't update anymore?
Author: T.Teschner3   (17 Feb 12 10:37pm)
Same here, though I think it just is a bit overwhelmed by the amount of daily data. Considering that and the amount of installed honeypots worldwide, the time to catch up with all accounts may just take a lot of time.
I'm just happy that the http:bl still works nicely. :)
 Re: Dashboard doesn't update anymore?
Author: H.User7152   (20 Feb 12 12:33am)
Myeah, you're right. I had forgotten there were millions of Honeypots.
 Re: Dashboard doesn't update anymore?
Author: M.Kraaijeveld   (20 Feb 12 11:01am)
Hmm! Are the stats actually going to be updated? and are new comment spammers being detected?
 Re: Dashboard doesn't update anymore?
Author: T.Teschner3   (1 Mar 12 12:35am)
Dashboard seems to be back to normal, daily updates here.
 Re: Dashboard doesn't update anymore?
Author: M.Kraaijeveld   (14 Apr 12 12:38pm)
Our stats seem to be stuck again, is it just us?
 Re: Dashboard doesn't update anymore?
Author: R.Trappman8   (24 Apr 12 4:15pm)
Seem to be stuck again...
 Re: Dashboard doesn't update anymore?
Author: E.Langheinrich   (25 Apr 12 8:45am)
We are working on fixing the bug that has been causing stats to get stuck. Should have it corrected today. I'll update after it's fixed.

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