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 504 Gateway Time-out on QuickLink test
Author: S.Purity   (29 Jan 12 3:04pm)
After having set up QuickLinks on my site a couple (few?) years ago, today i returned here to the Project Honey Pot site. I’m encountering problems on the Manage QuickLink page (

When i click “Verify my QuickLink”, after churning forever, the external site returns a 404 Not Found error. So far, so good… even though the Manage page shows this site as “Working”.

Next, per the instructions on the Manage page, i click the Test button in the table (gray box). Churns a long time, then the projecthoneypot site returns 504 Gateway Time-out. This seems to be repeatable.

I’m guessing that this is related to the delay from the external site. Still, it seems that the Manage QuickLink code may need adjustment to handle others’ servers which take an unusually long time before responding.

My problem: i can’t use the Manage QuickLink page’s method to get a new QuickLink. What should i do? Delete my existing QuickLink?

Hoping someone can help,


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