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 Web Services - XML, SOAP
Author: I.Roiban   (25 Jan 05 3:34pm)

What about setting up a Web Service (SOAP, XML) for pulling up the data from Project Honey Pot server?

Thank you.
 Re: Web Services - XML, SOAP
Author: I.Roiban   (3 Feb 05 11:07am)
Isn't there anybody interested in implementing this feature(s)? How can I participate in this process? Is this an Open Source project?
 Re: Web Services - XML, SOAP
Author: M.Prince   (3 Feb 05 12:05pm)
We're definitely interested in allowing access to our data in as many useful ways as possible, and SOAP, XML may provide useful ways in which to do it. The consideration that we need to keep in mind is that some of the data we have needs to stay private in order to keep our honey pot addresses secret and to be useful for future spam prosecutions.

We've so far erred on the side of being a bit conservative in what we reveal -- dates are obscured, we only show a few representative messages, etc. We know 100% for sure that some spammers have already signed up for the service, and some spam chatrooms are a buzz talking about ways to avoid our traps. We'll keep adapting to whatever they do, but we want to keep their job as tricky as possible.

One thought is that maybe we can provide wider access to the data derived from the honey pots you yourself have installed. That seems like it may be useful information but runs little risk of compromising any honey pots you don't already know about yourself.

We're always open to suggestions, and welcome your help developing them, but we do need to be a bit careful about some of the data and how widely it is revealed in order for the Project to be a success.
 Re: Web Services - XML, SOAP
Author: I.Roiban   (4 Feb 05 10:23am)
Thank you for your answer. There has to be a way to do this even if the project is completely Open Source. Otherwise success cannot be guaranteed. What if somebody with full access to the project sources sells that info to the spammers? These guys are multimillionaires and they can afford to pay.

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