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 new mod_perl in the works
Author: H.User5946   (29 Nov 10 7:28am)
I posted last night over here:

about my intention to develop an Apache2 mod_perl plugin for http:BL

I have it working right now.
It also implements separate White and Black lists under your control, dns caching, and at this point simply diverts the log entry from the apache access_log to an httpbl_log.
It calculates a "score" of the IP based on the Threat (3rd octet) and Age (2nd octet) - effectively resulting in a zero score by discounting the Threat by the Age (255 days = Total Threat). The Type (4th octet) also zeros the score if it is a Search Engine.

I don't want to release right now due to a perceived problem with the staleness of the http:BL central database that I've posted about over on the API board.

Posting here, to get some feedback and suggestions before I release version 1.

Paul Gregg

Post Edited (29 Nov 10 7:32am)

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