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 seems to not work sometimes
Author: M.Ulm   (2 Oct 10 5:18am)
I just installed a couple of days ago, it seemed to be working fine. Then early this morning spamming started getting through again. With Ips that should be blocked. A couple of the spams had unknown ips but most were know spammers. Any ideas how this could happen. Its done this off and on today.

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 Re: seems to not work sometimes
Author: D.Daster   (11 Oct 10 10:33pm)
I do tend to second this claim. I believe that occasionally the httpBL occasionally stops returning for clearly malicious IPs.

However, i might also point out that even if you receive spam, and then look it up on the website, you might not realise that the entry is quite new. What i mean is that at the time the spam was received, the bot may not have been identified, but when you noticed the spam, and looked it up, it was known. A span of a couple hours can mean the difference between an unknown IP, and an identified spammer.
 Re: seems to not work sometimes
Author: J.Devon   (3 Nov 10 1:23am)
As I mentioned in another thread before seeing this one, I set up some unit tests to get my code working. I took like the top spam IP Address on the home page and tested against that. This morning it showed spam. Tonight it shows as not being in the database. But on the website, that IP has plenty of info....

Clearly the issue is not related to the database not being updated. Oh, and I set up the unit test couple days ago.

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