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 Repeatedly logged in as wrong / different user
Author: D.Ramaiya   (2 Jul 10 11:52am)
I've already tried to contact someone at ProjectHoneypot awhile ago about this but I guess no one considered it a problem because I never heard anything back about it.

When I click on links from Google to comment on an IP I often find myself logged in as other users, such as right now I'm logged into Dan's account. If I was using a proxy I could probably screw around with other people's accounts and settings, or who knows what else and you would have no idea who I really was.

Maybe it isn't worth bothering you guys about, maybe I am worrying about nothing, but I know I would be concerned about it if anyone could be automatically logged into other users accounts on my own site. Just wanted to let you know.
 Re: Repeatedly logged in as wrong / different user
Author: M.Hell2   (2 Jul 10 11:54am)
Now I do have my own account here and after posting the above, I have been recognised and automatically switched over into my real account.
 Re: Repeatedly logged in as wrong / different user
Author: J.Linderon   (4 Aug 10 6:02am)
Yeah,I think this IS a problem.
PHP should use SSL to protect sessions.
 Re: Repeatedly logged in as wrong / different user
Author: M.Prince   (4 Aug 10 11:16am)
We looked into this and believe we resolved it in early July. If you're still seeing the issue, please let us know.

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