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 trap caught myself without visiting the site
Author: O.D2   (18 Apr 10 9:05pm)

Today I was backing up my site etc, so I was at the final steps of backup and I was donwloading them via ftp. at that moment I had Firefox closed completely. As I have setup cron jobs to send me email everytime the log changes (talking about the httpbl.php file), actually everytime someone gets trapped, I of course went to the file to get the ip, check it and/or ban it. It was actually an ip from my own country (I am on dynamic ip), that had issues in the last year as a mail spammer, so I thought of banning it from cPanel, as I did.

..and guess what !! I banned myself !!

now you will think, are you man running a spam software and that's why ? not even close.

anyway. the worst was that I totally got trapped at the end of this storry cause I could not even enter my own site's adminsitrator page (using Joomla here). it was forwarding me to the honeypot page I had created for the spammers. amazing ! just great ! and actually not only on 1 of my sites, but on all of my sites in the same hosting account (4 different Joomla installations). I called another admin that lives in another city to login to the backend of all sites and disable the plugin.

I thought of posting this before I completely uninstall hte httpbl plugin for joomla. I really think many things go wrong with this project although it felt great at first. some may think that I didn't set things up correct. alright.

now I have to go through all those IPs I banned from cPanel and check all the logs of httpbl to see if I had banned innocent people.

 Re: trap caught myself without visiting the site
Author: D.Baldini   (30 Jan 13 4:03pm)
I've been locked out from my own website too.
It is a Wiki. I guess this antispam software detected too many HTTP POST activity from me.

Post Edited (30 Jan 13 4:03pm)
 Re: trap caught myself without visiting the site
Author: D.Baldini   (30 Jan 13 5:27pm)
I whitelisted my own IP. After 10 minutes I was re-allowed to access my own website. Then I followed 2 or 3 internal links and I was blocked again. This time I've generated no POST requests at all. My IP's threat level is shown to be "1", and the abyssguard.php script on my website is configured with a minimal threshold of 10. Nonetheless I am blocked.

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