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 PHP didn't change My Stats.
Author: N.Iwamoto   (13 Apr 10 6:25am)
I got a email "Your MX Helped Catch A Harvester" from PHP,
and when i check my Stats:

"Spam received at your addresses: 0"
"Harvesters You've Helped Catch:

I emailed to PHP about this,and they say to me
"please wait for 24(maybe 36)hours",
but nothing changes...
 Re: PHP didn't change My Stats.
Author: D.Morgan4   (13 Apr 10 6:19pm)
it is not just you ...

donated my MX entries 8 weeks back (all public), and configured my HP to use them

all tests on the status page showing green

one 'your MX helped ...' email a couple of weeks back

# Spam received at your addresses: 0
# Received this week: 0
# Received this month: 0

nothing in the stats :-(
 Re: PHP didn't change My Stats.
Author: N.Iwamoto   (14 Apr 10 6:22am)
>it is not just you ...

I'll email to PHP again ... :(

Post Edited (14 Apr 10 6:40am)
 Re: PHP didn't change My Stats.
Author: S.Man2   (16 Apr 10 1:06pm)
I deleted every honeypot and MX pointer for over a month ago, and still get creds :)

# Spam traps issued on your sites: 474
# Spam received at your addresses: 801
# Received this week: 33
# Received this month: 159

A little bogus or??
 Re: PHP didn't change My Stats.
Author: N.Iwamoto   (17 Apr 10 7:55am)
Maybe,they didn't update our stats...
 Re: PHP didn't change My Stats.
Author: M.Prince   (17 Apr 10 6:29pm)
The stats on the dashboard only report harvesters trapped by honey pots, not those trapped by MXs. There are some database structure reasons we made that choice initially. We're evaluating whether we can restructure things a little bit in order to report both going forward. In the meantime, we still send out an email every time your MX is helpful in catching a new harvester.

As for S.Man2's stats still updating after everything was deleted, we'll check in to what's going on. If you deleted the MXs or honey pots on our site, but the DNS still points to our systems or the honey pots are still linked, we'll still capture and record any data sent there. It could be that's what's going on. Not sure.
 Re: PHP didn't change My Stats.
Author: S.Man2   (22 Apr 10 4:07pm)
I maintaine a couple of DNS-servers and I know that I cleaned out all MX pointers to PHP so it's not the issue, something is bogus with your stats (thats why i deleted everything..I did'nt find the project relaliable.
# Spam traps issued on your sites: 474
# Spam received at your addresses: 820
# Received this week: 19
# Received this month: 163


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