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 Numerous responses non starting by 127.
Author: J.Perez6   (16 Mar 10 9:22pm)
Hi guys,

Im developping a little php script in order to kick spammers out of my free hosting servers.
This script is basically parsing the apache access_log, getting ips, checking them against a local cache stored in a sqlite db, then issuing a request against your server to check status of the IP address.
Unfortunately a lot of those responses come back with my IP (meaning your server sends back a no-answer response). What does that mean ? I thought all responses should start by 127 or it means a badly formatted query ?

Some responses are correct, but most of them sends back no answer at all, please advise, thanks :)
Im looking forward to use your fantastic project and contribute new IP since I have a lot of spammers on my 6,000 websites.

Cheerio !
 Re: Numerous responses non starting by 127.
Author: J.Perez6   (16 Mar 10 9:41pm)
My bad, read too fast the documentation which is quite clear:

Non Results

A majority of IP addresses do not appear in http:BL's records. If a IP you query for does not appear, http:BL will return a non-result {NXDOMAIN}.

A non result does not mean an IP address is certified in any way to be non-malicious. Instead, a non-result simply indicates that no malicious behavior has been observed by the IP in the recent past. You should continue to exercise caution when letting any visitor onto your website, even if the visitor is not listed in http:BL's records.

Sorry !

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