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 Can we detect Rule Breakers with the http:BL API ?
Author: J.Redondo   (25 Feb 10 9:50am)

When I did my script to implement your http:BL API into a SMF forum last August, I used the fourth octet of the response to identify Search Engines, Suspicious, Harvesters and Comment Spammers, following your documentation.

I have seen that now you are also identifying Rule Breakers but can't see any change in the documentation about it.

It only says that the higher values of this fourth octet are [Reserved for Future Use]

And by the way, you identify as well Spam Servers and Dictionary Attackers.

Has any of these cases been included already in that fourth octet so we can identify them as well with our scripts?


Post Edited (27 Feb 10 9:12am)

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