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 Does commenting on an IP serve a purpose?
Author: R.R12   (2 Feb 10 6:12am)
I've been catching one or two new IPs per day that are randomly comment spamming one of my sites. Using the httpbl is catching 90% or more of the attempts.

Is it serving a purpose to comment on an IP? If so, should we reproduce the spam text?
 Re: Does commenting on an IP serve a purpose?
Author: M.Prince   (5 Feb 10 1:54am)
Commenting on an IP leaves a record. Lots of people who have seen the same IP doing something suspicious on their site stumble across our site and read the comments. Our hope is that as many people with information on IPs as possible will leave comments. Only by working together and sharing information can we stay ahead of the attackers.
 Re: Does commenting on an IP serve a purpose?
Author: A.E4   (24 Feb 10 4:59pm)
Many times there have been IP's who have posted spam and banned by me on forums and I come here and see they say no activity for 3 months or so on .. so the comments do definitely help to see how active the spammer is.

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