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 How many quicklinks are using my honey pot?
Author: B.L5   (2 Dec 09 6:31pm)
It'd be nice to know how many quicklinks have used each of my honey pots, and how many of the harvester/spammer catches have been a joint effort of my honey pot and a quicklink that points to my honey pot.

Just a suggestion to the developers.
 Re: How many quicklinks are using my honey pot?
Author: W.Waisse   (31 Jan 10 8:12am)
Sure you re right !

Same problem here

1 or 2 years ago, someone being a domain parking ( something like sedo ) added my quicklinks to more than 1 million parked domains, resulting in great number of incoming links, and load exploded on my dedicated servers.
 Re: How many quicklinks are using my honey pot?
Author: L.Holloway   (1 Feb 10 2:04pm)
Yikes! We'll add a section to the quicklinks setup asking users to be considerate of contributer resources.

I'll bump up the priority of quick link reporting for users with honey pots. It's high time the project had something like that.

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