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 Website country codes mixup
Author: R.Moore14   (23 Jan 10 12:23pm)
Greetings from a new user!

Just wanted to bring to the webmasters attention a small bug seen when viewing IP data from the website. I click "IP Data" tab which shows me global statistics then if I select the drop-down box "From all countries" and select United Kingdom, no data is returned.

The URL returned is

However, if I go back to global statistics and limit the search to harvesters there appears an entry for a UK ip address about the fifth one down.

If I click on that UK flag it does indeed give me a list of UK-specific ip's, the URL returned is

If I change the first URL to
I get the expected list.

Think there may be a mismatch between GB and UK?

Regards and thanks for the site!
 Re: Website country codes mixup
Author: R.Moore14   (24 Feb 10 6:54pm)
Can I request any update on the above please? I still see the same symptoms when browsing the site?


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