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 Ethical use of Honeypot
Author: P.Holmgren   (13 Jan 10 10:05am)
As far a I can see, what happens is that an IP is contained on grounds of probabilities.
Now - If a person act suspicious in real life - does the police contain him? Would an assumption based on probability be enough?

What happens is that - yes you may get some bad IP's here and there, but there are people out there that are highly dependent on an income over the net, and WHAM suddenly their IP is blocked by honeypot on the assumption that they have done something wrong. What actually happens is that honeypot is punishing people based on an assumption. Is that justice?

Furthermore - the process of freeing your IP from the claws of the honeypot is way to difficult. Put a button saying "Free my IP" followed by an instant release.

Imagine someone loosing his/hers job because honeypot listed his/hers IP(I can think of several scenarios) - that itself would be enough to sue the living daylights out of honeypot. Loss of money would be enough. Does Honeypot have the means to pay back every lost dollar people loose due to lost income?

As I see it - honeypot is far away from ready to be life online. Great that you have a project like this, but right now - you're just as annoying as any spammer, phiser and what else they are called - and cost people just as much money(if not more).

I missed an online meeting with a client because of this system and that has cost me a month of income. Thank you honeypot.
 Re: Ethical use of Honeypot
Author: L.King   (14 Jan 10 7:25pm)
For starters, I'm not associated with the honey pot project in any official way except that I have a domain that contains a Honey Pot and my web pages do contain links to my honey pot and to honey pots hosted by others.

I think I'm sorry for your lose of income, but you have few thing wrong about the process.

As I said, my web pages do have links to honey pots. NONE of those links are visible to a human visitor unless they look at the page source code. If a spider/bot/harvester or what ever visits one of my pages AND follows a link to a Honey Pot that is only step one.

Step 2. If a visitor to the honey pot were to read the web page presented, they would see all sorts of legal speak that boils down to 'do not collect' any email addresses from this page. As with the links, there are no visible email addresses on the honey pot's web page. A spider/bot/harvester could see a special email address.

Step 3. If the invisible email address is collected, still no foul. However, when an email is sent to the email address collected from a honey pot, then it is known that the intentions are not in accordance with 'good behavior' (my words).

If you read some more you will see that the email addresses collected from a honey pots do identify the IP address that collected them. So when an email is received by the honey pot project it is known which IP address collected email address, and when.

So back to your analogy, not only did your person act suspiciously, they went someplace that was hidden, they picked up some money that was hidden next to a sign that said 'don't take this money', and then the person spent that money. Now all considered, there can be no claim that this person was holding the money for safe keeping or that they didn't know to leave it alone.

So like I said, I 'think' I'm sorry you lost income, but based on what you have posted, I'm not sure.
 Re: Ethical use of Honeypot
Author: W.Waisse   (31 Jan 10 8:07am)
1- Whitelisting your IP is pretty easy.

2- if internet is important for you choose an good ISP giving you a fixed IP, if you IP is fixed and you never spam, you ll never get problem you IP will stay clean.

3- if you are living in a country where only bad ISP exist ( I recently moved to Peru and its impossible to have a fixed IP, I very often get a blacklisted IP ), you ll have to whitelist you IP very often, i do it twice a week for months, but I still support the projecthoneypot.

4- try to tell this problem to you ISP, you lost income not because projecthoneypot blacklisted your IP, but because you ISP is real **** and gave you a dirty IP
 Re: Ethical use of Honeypot
Author: D.Poire   (11 Feb 10 11:17am)
I am not a big time web operator. Since my heart attack a couple years ago, I have been forced to earn all of my income from the internet. I have a bunch of domain names and other such "internet property". Most of my domains have their own IPs.

And yes, I do have several newsletters, e-mailing lists, etc. (They are more of a pain than they are worth.) I have a site with a "built-in" search engine that can go out onto the web to search. Some sites have a "Tell-A-Friend" or "Share-This-Page" feature. Combined, my sites have the potential for massive blacklistings. What I do with my "internet properties" is what dictates what happens to them and me.

None of my domains or IPs are listed here (or any other black list that I am aware).
 Re: Ethical use of Honeypot
Author: C.Anderson3   (21 Apr 10 1:20am)
Potentially, we could also add communication from forums back to the network, ie whenever a post occurred or a user registered on any participating forum, a central service would be notified and could then detect and send bulletins on spamlike trends, such as rapid-fire posting from a particular IP


Post Edited (21 Apr 10 1:21am)
 Re: Ethical use of Honeypot
Author: J.Eaton   (23 Jul 11 5:38am)
Also there is the scenario of "if you use a drug dealers car to travel in, expect the cops to stop and search you".

Change your ISP if you have multiple blacklisted IP's from them. If everyone did that then the offending ISP's/Hosts would have no business coming in.

As the Spammers and harvesters would rent only to get nowhere and those Host and ISP's would not get much traffic as all legitimate users would not be there giving them the revenue they need to run.

At the end of the day if you run with dogs you will get fleas. Expect to be Detoxed.

I am in no way connected with the Honeypot project or its staff and have no vested interest, other than being a domain/forums owner ( who has to deal with Spammers/bot/harvesters and hackers in general.

Don't blame honeypot for loss of revenue due o blacklisting Blame your ISP or Host for allowing this activity.

As a side issue denied that they were Spamming my forums and stated QUOTE "The ip addresses were not part of our networks" So I sent them a copy of the ripe search reults showing clearly that it was.

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