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 mod_httpbl unavailable?
Author: V.Kujala   (26 Nov 09 2:29pm)
So, what's the status of mod_httpbl? looks like its unmaintained
and there are no files listed on the sourceforge site,
 Re: mod_httpbl unavailable?
Author: S.Fatula   (27 Mar 10 4:48pm)
It's there, just not in the normal place.

Go here:
 Re: mod_httpbl unavailable?
Author: P.Gregg   (28 Mar 10 6:34pm)
I posted about my experiences with mod_httpbl over in the http:BL Use/Development forum.

Summary - It kept segfaulting my apache (and thus didn't work)...

I went for an alternative approach to read my access_log files, run them through HTTP:BL (using a local dnscache) and then output any discovered "bad" IPs to another file which is read by fail2ban ( fail2ban then reads this file and bans the IP using iptables.

There are pros and cons to this approach, but I'm quite happy with it.... I may rewrite the iptables banning to remove the fail2ban part so that the firewalling is more timely.

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