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 contributing php code
Author: R.Redd2   (10 Oct 09 9:36am)
Can someone tell me where to submit php code for active members only to see?
I have some code that is visible to human eyes and not so much to bot eyes: 'active member project honeypot' on a web page. I know it works due to my honeypot is catching harvesters and it is displayed on all my pages.
See it in action on cruzit dot com
Look towards the bottom of any page.
 Re: contributing php code
Author: R.Diaz2   (17 Oct 09 7:59pm)
 Re: contributing php code
Author: P.Martin5   (6 Mar 11 7:13pm)
I would like this info to as I now have a php function that does Complete Email Obfuscation even the output javascript array values are hidden. It is called using four varables and has the option to display text in place of the email address in the A tag.

See it working at
 Re: contributing php code
Author: H.User5946   (2 Apr 11 5:40am)
Maybe this will interest you:
 Re: contributing php code
Author: R.Trappman8   (9 Jul 12 1:05pm)
Switching CloudFlare ( will protect e-mail address and you can even do server-side excludes for suspicious visitors.

do not follow this link

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