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 Send emails to spammers
Author: S.Delly   (17 Sep 09 2:35pm)
I've donated an MX entry and since then i've received some spam at other addresses through a contact form on my website (so they still don't know my email and they are still trying to harvest it from me). If there was some way I could give you their email address and other info like IP address so that you could send them a 'reply' from me, from my donated domain, they would add that address to their list and it might help honey pot project keep better track of them.

Could something like this work?
 Re: Send emails to spammers
Author: M.Prince   (17 Sep 09 4:23pm)
I don't think that's something we're setup to accept right now. We carefully control how we receive data into the Project in order to make sure it's acceptable for law enforcement officials. That makes it hard for us to accept submissions that don't come through our honey pot software.

The most helpful thing you can do is install a honey pot and/or make sure you've included QuickLinks throughout your websites. Those not only hand out spam email traps but also comment spam traps. While we won't get all the bad guys who are attacking your site, we'll get a lot of them.

Thanks for your help with the Project!

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