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Author: S.Man2   (17 Sep 09 3:58pm)
I think this project is partially dead..stats is dead and so on..

Last update: 2009-09-11 (as of just now) and lots of downtime on the servers..

maybe it's time to clean out all honeypotlinks and mx's
 Re: Update??
Author: M.Prince   (17 Sep 09 4:20pm)
Not dead at all. The back-end has been up and running without incident continuously. Growth has continued to stress our web servers which is what caused the recent downtime. We just updated them to a new crop that's much faster. Adding hundreds of new users a day. Receiving many millions of emails daily. We definitely run the Project lean and that sometimes means hiccups for non-critical systems (we think that the front end is actually far less critical than the back end) but things are going great!
 Re: Update??
Author: S.Man2   (18 Sep 09 1:24pm)
and front-end updates is coming once a year??
 Re: Update??
Author: M.Prince   (19 Sep 09 6:46pm)
We make little tweaks all the time. Generally, we favor incremental changes over big changes that break things. Most of our time is spent on the back end. If there are front end changes you'd like, or know anyone who can help with better front end design, definitely let us know.
 Re: Update??
Author: M.Prince   (19 Sep 09 6:58pm)
By the way, here are some incremental updates that have been made in the last couple months:

- Much better geolocation identification (much fewer "?" flags)
- Tracking of rulebreakers (robots that ignore robots.txt)
- Tracking of malicious web hosts
- More complete identification of search engines (to keep them out of http:BL)
- Pulling URLs from emails in addition to comment spam posts
- API for data input from trusted partners
- Increase of mail servers in order to keep up with increased message flow
- Increase of DNS servers to serve http:BL

More all the time....
 Re: Update??
Author: S.Man2   (22 Dec 09 6:02am)
No dashboard update since 2009-12-14 it's 8 (eight) days now??
 Re: Update??
Author: S.Man2   (23 Dec 09 1:26pm)
9 (nine) days feedback.. so its time to leave this' s a little bit sleepy, I'll put my resources on spamcop or something even more better..chers..
 Re: Update??
Author: L.Holloway   (24 Dec 09 2:03pm)
After an upgrade, one of the statistic crons wasn't firing. It should fire again now daily. Thanks for the report and being patient. Things are especially busy during the holiday seasons. We try our best to support the Project quickly, but most of us only help out in a part-time capacity.

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