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 Stats not updating
Author: C.Newcomb2   (12 May 08 3:55pm)
Am I the only one that is seeing that stats haven't been updating since the 2008-05-05?
 Re: Stats not updating
Author: S.Wood3   (16 Oct 08 3:23am)
Your not the only one - personal site stats are not updating at all on the Project Honey Pot Dashboard

Post Edited (16 Oct 08 3:45am)
 Re: Stats not updating
Author: E.Geier   (18 Oct 08 7:35pm)
Yes, I can confirm this, having the same problem. I had posted a thread in the newbie forum already a longer time ago.
 Re: Stats not updating
Author: L.Holloway   (21 Oct 08 6:49pm)
Stats in the upper left box of the dashboard should now be calculating for all users now. We added the "last update" for data contained in that box. Thanks for the report, fellas. And the continued support.
 Re: Stats not updating
Author: E.Geier   (19 Nov 08 5:08pm)
The weekly harvester visits still are not counted. There are always zero, since the system change. But the Harvesters listed on the right side are changing and growing...
 Re: Stats not updating
Author: E.Geier   (28 Nov 08 7:18pm)
Well, now I see 2 harvester visits "this week", but 10 comment spammers. Is this usual that there are more comment spammers than harvesters?
 Re: Stats not updating
Author: M.Prince   (12 Dec 08 9:22pm)
Stats fixed. As I said in another post, the 2/10 harvester/comment spammer ratio is about what we see network wide. Acutally, it's usually more like 1/10.
 Re: Stats not updating
Author: J.Brody   (15 Feb 09 4:48am)
Well, they are noit working for me! Caught two new harvesters in the last few days, and the harvesters visits and harvesters caught have still not been updated. If I cannot see at a glance how effective this is, what's the point in donating an MX and installing honeypots. I look after dozens of sites and all my clients have agreed that if this system works, then I can install it on all their sites with an accompanying MX.

Doesn't look like that's going to happening any time soon.
 Re: Stats not updating
Author: M.Prince   (16 Feb 09 3:51pm)
The website is the last thing to update because it needs to collect and sort information from all our different mail servers. The emails informing you that you caught a harvester are an early notice that we send out as soon as we get the information. If you'd prefer not to receive that notice, you can turn it off under your preferences. Be patient, the website will update as the all the information necessary to process a batch is retrieved.

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