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 Honey Pot Stats
Author: J.Yard2   (25 Nov 08 6:27pm)
In Home -> Manage Honey Pots it is indicated that the stats are for each honey pot, but the combined stats is what is displayed.

For example I just added a honey pot for a new site and the stats for this new site are full of the same stats as my other site.

I see others have posted similar problems with no longer being able to get each sites unique honey pot stats as well, and there has been no response from the power that be. Guess this must mean Project Honey Pot is soon to be, if not already, unsupported and dying on the vine.

Post Edited (25 Nov 08 6:29pm)
 Re: Honey Pot Stats
Author: M.Prince   (12 Dec 08 9:25pm)
The unique stats for your honey pot disappearing was the result of a massive database upgrade. The challenge with dealing with the volume of data we get is parsing it efficiently. We're working on rebuilding a bunch of the functionality, including the individual IPs that your honey pot has caught. Quite the opposite of dying on the vine, the Project is actively managed and growing like crazy. That growth has caused some pains, but we're working through them. Thanks for your patience!

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