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 Array index redundancy
Author: P.Hauser   (27 Sep 08 6:22am)
Hi Matthew and Honeypot team,

first of all our congrats from Europe to your latest relaunch!

(1) There seems to be an array index redundancy in the list of the

"Most Recent Suspicious IPs" and the
"Latest IPs commented upon"

in the "Project Honey Pot Dashboard" of the web-interface.
Thus the listed IPs appear up to three times in the list.

Hope you can fix that. ;-)

(2) Can you eventually update the Tech Spec history at
to the most recent version?

TIA and all our best to you.
EDIT: typo

Post Edited (27 Sep 08 2:20pm)
 Re: Array index redundancy
Author: L.Holloway   (29 Sep 08 7:44pm)
Fixed. And updated. Thanks, PH.

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