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 Honeypot MX vs recursive lookups
Author: R.Ringer   (4 Feb 08 11:38am)
It seems like some (all?) spambots are not smart enough to find the IP for the Honeypot MX on a DNS that does not allow recursive lookups. My DNS log reports show a large number of lookups for failing because it's not authoritative for the domain and doesn't forward. On on one hand, it's nice to see so many attempts to send spam failing, but then again, the Honeypot isn't getting the data.

As a band-aid, I greated an in-domain A record with the IP address of I don't think this is really a good idea, but I couldn't come up with a better solution.

Any thoughts?
 Re: Honeypot MX vs recursive lookups
Author: B.Jameson   (22 Mar 14 1:24pm)
Isn't there a danger of exposing most donated domains and mx records by spammers who might simply look up all mx for all emails in their lists and skip those where one or more mx are pointed to * Or if their sending programs just skip any * upon handshake?
 Re: Honeypot MX vs recursive lookups
Author: E.Langheinrich   (8 May 14 8:39am)
Just curious, why are the spam bots attempting to use your DNS to resolve the MX records?

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