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 IP monitoring page
Author: P.Smart   (16 Dec 07 4:56pm)

For what I've seen up to now, the IP monitoring page is dead (well, blank). Am I the only one or is it broken somehow? I am using FF3b1, could that be the issue?


 Re: IP monitoring page
Author: M.Prince   (17 Dec 07 1:34am)
There have been lots of funky things going on with the website recently. They're all caused by a good thing: increased traffic both via visitors to Project Honey Pot but more because of a massively increased spam load and the resulting increase in web pages which Google is trying to index all at once. Our database has, at times, become overwhelmed. When it doesn't respond properly the web servers throw an error. Since we turn off error reporting back to the end user, you get a blank screen. That's almost certainly what happened.

Short term, if you encounter a blank screen try again in a few seconds and it will usually work.

Longer term, we're working on getting the systems ramped up to accommodate the new load. The new servers are literally on order. We're rebuilding how our databases work to make them faster at both reading and writing data. We're distributing the databases more broadly and in a way that makes more sense. Hopefully, very shortly into the new year, we'll have the new systems online and the problems of the white screens and Maintenance Mode for the website will be a thing of the past.

In the meantime, sorry for the inconvenience!
 Re: IP monitoring page
Author: P.Smart   (18 Dec 07 5:02am)
Thank you for this exhaustive answer. I've seen the results of the overloading and it can be very frustrating indeed. For what I've seen this is not the case for the IP monitoring page: I've never seen it on-line. I think it's just broken. it would be nice if you could have a check.


PS: If there is a possibility to get a notification of an answer in the forums, this would be a great improvement too.
 Re: IP monitoring page
Author: P.Smart   (7 Jan 08 7:05pm)
It seems you solved the issues with the overloading. That is really good.

Please do not forget the IP monitoring page: I am eager to view its possibilities (dynamic IP?).

Thank you!!

 Re: IP monitoring page
Author: J.Vossen   (1 Feb 08 5:08pm)
Same results here over a period of maybe an hour from 2 different machines. I just sent in a bug report.
 Re: IP monitoring page
Author: L.Holloway   (4 Feb 08 6:00pm)
Just fixed a buy on the monitor settings page, related to "empty" networks. This bug may have prevented the page from fully rendering for some users. (You sort of got half the page without the ever-so-useful input fields.) Thanks for the reporting the issue. Let us know if the problem still persists. Thanks!

Post Edited (4 Feb 08 7:35pm)
 Re: IP monitoring page
Author: J.Vossen   (4 Feb 08 7:22pm)
That fixed it for me, thanks!
 Re: IP monitoring page
Author: P.Smart   (21 Feb 08 10:13am)
This is fixed indeed.

It would be very good to allow dynamic IP's. I suppose it can be done by resolving a URL which is hosted by some dynamic DNS service.

I have an always on web server at home but with a non-fixed IP. It would allow me to know that this machine has not been compromised for this kind of usage.

Or would this be totally against your rules?


 Re: IP monitoring page
Author: P.Smart   (16 Jun 08 9:31am)
A little heads-up to my previous message.
Thanks in advance for taking the time to consider it!
 Re: IP monitoring page
Author: M.Prince   (17 Jun 08 6:57pm)
We could build in support for dynamic IPs. Probably not a top priority since the service is really designed for ISPs and owners of larger blocks of IPs, but something we'll add to the queue.

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