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Author: M.Wood   (21 Nov 04 4:58am)
I am currently running IIS6. I noticed that there isn't currently an ASP page and much like the other poster "Zope?" posted, I am more than willing to see about translating something for the group. In the meantime I'll take a look at the php script and see what I am getting myself into.
 Re: ASP?
Author: M.Janssen   (21 Nov 04 8:03am)
ASP.NET C# would be even better.
 Re: ASP?
Author: E.Esposito   (21 Nov 04 1:30pm)
I have several years of experience with ASP (both VBScript and JScript) and about a year of .Net. Looking through the PHP code, I see nothing that shouldn't translate pretty easily. I'd be willing to make the solutions, if someone gives me the specs. If you would like my help, please drop me a note at the address associated with this account.
 Re: ASP?
Author: L.Holloway   (22 Nov 04 8:57am)
Great! I'll be contacting all potential contributers with information soon.

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 Re: ASP?
Author: M.Janssen   (22 Nov 04 11:45am)
I would also like to help with a .NET version.
 Re: ASP?
Author: M.Norton   (23 Jan 05 5:57pm)
Where's this
 Re: ASP?
Author: M.Prince   (23 Jan 05 6:09pm)
The ASP code has been written and we're currently testing our customizer. It should be public sometime the end of this week. If you'd like to test the early version then contact us through the website and we might be able to get one to you sooner. There will also be an ASP.NET version, although that may take a bit longer to get online.

Python/Zope and mod_perl are also scheduled to go online later this week.
 Re: ASP?
Author: J.Cath   (26 Jan 05 2:51am)
any chance of getting a look at the ASP version - I'd like to check with the hosting team if it's okay to run in our environment. They're looking at some other customisations for us this week and it would be neat to include this in the review
 Re: ASP?
Author: M.Prince   (26 Jan 05 8:23am)
We're working on squashing the final bugs with the ASP version. (ASP.NET is a bit longer off, but still probably within the next couple weeks.) If you send us a message through the contact us form we may be able to give folks an early peek at the version. Would also be helpful in testing to make sure it works on a wide range of platforms.

In the meantime, Python and mod_perl are now public. A Zope version of the Python script will be available soon as well.
 Re: ASP?
Author: M.Prince   (29 Jan 05 1:37am)
FYI: An ASP version of the script is now online. You can access it by logging into your account and visiting the Manage Honey Pots page. Please let us know if you experience any trouble installing it. We now officially support:

ASP, Perl, PHP, mod_perl, and Python

We also have a Movable Type script to help users of that blogging software with installation. We hope to soon add support for:

JSP and ColdFusion

If you want to help with either of these, or if there are other language, platforms, or content management systems you would like to install honey pots on, please let us know and we'll do what we can to make it happen.

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